It works much better if we talk quasi-hypothetical.

It works much better if we talk quasi-hypothetical.

Spend a little time thinking about your numbers.

Based on this I’m going to assume that the 6 pack of cupcakes works out to 4.8$ a cupcake. You’ve probably already figured out how much a cupcake, labor and shipping costs — so subtract that from your total.

Take the amount you have left, that’s what you’ve got to work with for promotion + profit+any other costs that weren’t factored into that price.

With that information, you’ll know what kind of numbers you need to hit to make the business make sense. You’ll also be able to work out what sort of cost per acquisition you’ll need to hit to make your subscriptions profitable.

Selling cupcakes in 2017 is a totally different racket than selling cupcakes in the late 2000s was. That means that it gets more important to be on point about how you package and present your offerings online.

I took a quick glance through I had to click through three layers to figure out the price and cupcake order flow.

Even after that, I’m not entirely sure that I know what the difference between the 19$ 1/4 Cupcake and the “sixer” “standard” cupcakes are.

There are all sorts of best practices for that side of the equation with delightful tutorials online. Spend some time researching user onboarding and purchase flows!

There’s an argument to be made that some balance of creative tweaks are in order here as well, but from what I can see of your platform numbers (and the positive reviews you’ve gotten) it seems that your chief problem is obscurity. That could change as you grow — but from what I can see on the outside: that appears to be the case.

Now that Facebook has begun transitioning Instagram to merge promotions and views (for campaigns created inside of the app), you’ve also got a pretty good opportunity to start spreading your reach a little.

One thing I found rather curious was that a quick glance at the website seems to reveal that you’re only using Google Analytics and DoubleClick. Since you’ve built presences on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you’ll want to make sure you also install their tracking codes.

Since you’ve built that messenger bot, I’ve got to think that running Messenger ads with some very simple copy (e.g., “Send A Friend A Cupcake. 15$.”) with one of your process photos/videos would be remarkably effective. Play around with it!

Facebook’s Blueprint courses are a pretty good way of getting started familiarizing yourself with the basics.

The best way to come up with ideas about what you should be testing or what you should be doing is to spend some time consuming the content that the people who are interested in your product are consuming.

From the looks of it, you’ve started to get a pretty good bit of interest. Now you’ve got to figure out why, what can be done to generate more of it and how you can best go about doing so on your margins.